Aufruf der Flüchtlinge auf dem Schiff Laortis an Marie Schmolka




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Strictly Confidential.

To Mrs. Schmolka,


Dear Madam,

In our great despair, we appeal to you [...] to help and secure our release from our unbearable situation. We already suffer gladly in addition to rats every natural inconvenience, but what happened to us on Saturday, the 16th of July, is not only terrible but unendurable.


At 7.30 in the evening, four men from German-Austria, so called Gestapo-men, who by kicks and blows drove us out of our own home, now rob us even of the little peace we now enjoy by coming on board and attacking us. For this reason, we appeal to you with bursting hearts to come to our rescue quickly.

We cannot put on paper details of how these four men behaved but suffice it to say that we wait only to get away from here. We will all sign so that you will again see how many await their release.

May we ask you to send us some consolation quickly as to what will happen to us in the near future.


We remain,

The interned Jews on board the tug Laortis.

Tug Laortis near Rajka, July 18, 1938.

1 Note 1 : 15 Namen, in einem Fall mit Frau und Familie

P.S. Taking into consideration possible reprisals and our exposed and tolerated position, we urgently ask you to refrain from any kind of publicity.


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