Herbert Samuel an Marie Schmolka über die Auswanderung einer Gruppe burgenländischer Jüdinnen und Juden




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Dear Mrs. Schmolka,

I have received your letter of August 2nd, written on behalf of the Hicem of Prague, and relating to the tragic position of the Jews from the Burgenland on board of the Laortis. The Committee of the Council for German Jewry carefully considered the matter, but could not accept the proposal made to them that they should contribute £4,000 for the rescue of four families. This is far in excess of any grant that has been previously made, and we felt that we should not be justified, in view of the many other claims that we must endeavour to meet, to expend so large a sum for the benefit of such a small number of persons. I much regret that I do not feel able to ask the Committee to reconsider this decision.

Yourse sincerely,



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<p><span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>Readers need to reserve a reading room terminal to access a digital version of this archive.</strong></span></p><p>This collection consists of correspondence of the Council for German Jewry on the following subjects: dismissals of Jewish staff at Göttingen University (608/1); Austrian Jewish refugees from the Burgenland; various synagogue congregations in Germany (608/2); emergency relief organisation for German scientists abroad (608/3). Also a report by...