Marie Schmolka (HICEM Prag) an Herbert L. Samuel (Council for German Jewry in London) in der Sache der Jüdinnen und Juden auf dem Donaukahn




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The Hon. Viscount Samuel of Mount Carmel,

Council for German Jewry,



re the Interned Jews on board the Tug Laortis, near Rajka.

We very much regret to hear the negative result of the Conference, as reported to our President, Mrs. Marie Schmolka, who has just returned from London.

Mrs. Schmolka went to Paris and the whole matter was again reviewed by Hicem, who came to the conclusion that there is no other way to solve this question except by the plan proposed.

The families with many children cannot be sent to Argentine as First Class Tourists as the expense would be ar too great, for each person 11,500 Crowns, a family of six persons costing about Five hundred pounds sterling.

The situation of the people on board the tug is worse than anyone can imagine, as can be seen from the enclosed copy of letter received by us and also from what Mrs. Schmolka saw when she visited them on board, and therefore, under the cirumstances, we feel that we cannot accept sole responsibility for these poor people but must pass some on to the shoulders of Jewry as a whole.

Hoping to hear from you in the very near future that you have used your influence to favourably reconsider this matter.

We remain,

Yours truly.

M. Schmolka


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