Telegramm von Richard A. Bermann aus Lundenburg an Präsident Edvard Beneš




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Praha 10 Hrad

12. III. 1938

1 Note 1 : Poststempel.

Praesident dr benes prag

=+ breclav /2 121 34/32 12 0504 =

= im namen der an der grenzstation breclav aufgehaltenen oesterreichischen fluechtlinge und im eigenen apelliere ich an die menschlichkeit der tschechoslowakischen demokratie arnold hoellriegel redakteur der stunde

passname dr bermann =+


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The Czech lands (Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia) were part of the Habsburg monarchy until the First World War, and of the Czechoslovak Republic between 1918 and 1938. Following the Munich Agreement in September 1938, the territories along the German and Austrian frontier were annexed by Germany (and a small part of Silesia by Poland). Most of these areas were reorganized as the Reichsgau Sudetenland, while areas in the West and South were attached to neighboring German Gaue. After these terr...

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Ministerstvo vnitra I., Praha

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Documents of this fonds illustrate the broad scope of the agenda of the Ministry of Interior. It included, apart from the security and administrative matters, also minority and language issues, citizenship, population register, press and censorship issues, and also the agenda of the then non-existing Ministry of Social Welfare. The most valuable documents can be found mainly in the presidial part the fonds, where the events of the period can be studied from the situation reports of district and...